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This open house was active from April 15-May 8, 2022. Information on this website may no longer be current. Email us for more information.


Western Alignment

Eastern Alignment

  • Requires a bridge about 400 feet long and up to 50 feet high with an overall elevation drop of about 80 feet from the top of the hill to Laidlaw Road (height corrected April 28), to cross the floodway and future wetland restoration area.
  • Requires a new culvert (about 66 feet long and 16 feet wide) to replace the existing culvert at Ward Creek; no floodway impact.
  • Change to appearance of hillside, bridge highly visible to Arbor Heights community and surrounding area.
  • No additional visual impact.
  • Includes area for wildlife crossing under the bridge.
  • Culvert would improve fish passage and creates a wildlife passage.